deadline: September 30, 2016
Cabin-Time is a roaming creative residency to remote places. Through work and play that is both off-the-grid and on-the-land, Cabin-Time provides an opportunity for creative experimentation, adventures in landscape, and forever friendships.

Cabin-Time invites artists, designers, writers, musicians, scientists, sign-painters, bird-watchers, cheerleaders, schemers and dreamers to make site-specific work in cooperative intentional isolation. Conscientious environmental stewardship is a core principle of Cabin-Time. Together, we work to set up camp, share chores, cook group meals, and help each other develop our ideas.

Cabin-Time: Eastern Sierras will take 12 creatives to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. We are seeking proposals for projects and ideas that explore the history, geography, and spirit of the Sierras and that employ Leave-No-Trace land ethics.

There is no residency fee for accepted residents. Co-op vegetarian meals, transportation to and from the location, and light on-site supply needs are covered. Accepted residents will receive a $500 travel stipend for travel to and from a designated meeting point in Los Angeles, California. We will meet in Los Angeles on Friday, March 31st before hitting the road to cooperatively set up camp in the Eastern Sierras. Plans for departure from LA should be made for Monday, April 10th.

For more detailed information and how to apply: http://www.cabin-time.org/apply/

You will receive a reply within 24 hours to assure you that we’ve received your application. Selected applicants will be notified no later than October 31st, 2016.

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