Deadline: September 7th, 2016

We all have things that seem to follow us around… memories, artifacts from the past, our successes and failures, objects and relics with special meaning, fleeting glimpses from the corner of an eye.  And for us photographers there are the unexplained flashes of light, streaks, and ghostly figures that sometimes appear in our images that sometimes defy logical explanation.

A fascination with things that “aren’t there” except on film goes back to nearly the beginning of photography.  Think of the spirit photography and the depiction of “fairies” in the Victorian era; yes, they were cleverly (and sometimes not cleverly) faked but they nonetheless are capable of arousing a certain creepy feeling.
For this exhibition we’re challenging you to send us your interpretations of what it is that you find to be haunting.  The creepy and Gothic is welcome, but your submission doesn’t have to be ghostly or the somber; we can just as easily be haunted by happy events, things we just can’t forget, like the melody of a favorite song we can’t get out of our heads. For this exhibit you can let your imagination take over.
Juror: Russell Joslin
Entry fee.

Website link: http://darkroomgallery.com/ex87

The Darkroom Gallery: Exhibiting Juried Contemporary Photography in an Authentic Gallery Setting, 12 Main Street, Essex Junction, Vermont


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