deadline: September 19, 2016

From their call: DEMO Project is an artist-run space for contemporary art located in Springfield, Illinois. We are soliciting proposals from artists and curators for 2017. We seek proposals for our front gallery, new rear gallery, and those that incorporate the grounds surrounding DEMO Project and/or the exterior site(s) of the structure. We welcome proposals that rely on any configuration of these sites. We are also interested in proposals for one-day/night events such as live performances, film screenings, and workshops.

We consider proposals that range from a traditional exhibition format to diverse alternative projects. We encourage proposals that respond to the site, emphasize a need or desire for creative departure, and/or demonstrate potential for community engagement. Proposals that hinge on the use of exterior sites can be ephemeral, happening only in conjunction with opening nights for exhibits in our gallery spaces, or they can run for the duration of accompanying exhibits that are scheduled in the interior galleries.

While centered in the Central Illinois region, we are proximal to the metropolitan centers of Chicago, Saint Louis, and Indianapolis — and we welcome submissions from around the country. DEMO Project was launched in September of 2013 with the knowledge that the bungalow in which we reside is slated for demolition, though the future date of demolition remains uncertain. The facility is donated for use by the Springfield Art Association, and is facilitated by artists affiliated with the University of Illinois Springfield Visual Arts.

Website link for more detailed information: http://www.demoprojectspace.com/for-artists/


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