Deadline: May 31, 2016


1st edition of « La Selva de l’Art », un open-air art festival in a charming little village : La Selva de Mar, Province of Girona, Catalonia,  (N-E, Cap de Creus, between Llançà and Cadaqués- GPS : 42°32’27N – 3°18’13E).

A diferent kind of Plein-Air Event ! the entire village will be open to 20 artists.

Their works will occupy different spaces such as courtyards, gardens, trees, ruins, fountains, bars and restaurants, facades… during the months of july and august 2016 with the aim of bringing new proposals of visits to the public during the summer.

This mediterranean coast is very touristic and the village will then appear as an open-air art gallery.

The works will remain exposed for 2 months, so they will have to resist wind, sun and rain.

The artists will come to install their works during 3 days at the end of june. Our project is mainly based upon a human exchange and will facilitate interactions between artists, visitors and the locals.

20 artists for 20 places in the village.

Eligibility : any artist above 18 in the folowing categories : painting, sculpture, printmaking, land art, photography, vídeo, installation, performance, new genres.

No imposed theme.

Fee : 30€ (not now, later and only for the selected 20 artists)

If you are interested, please send a biography with photos of the proposed works by e-mail to laselvadelart@gmail.com before april 30 for the selection.

You will be informed back at every step.



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