deadline: Feb 29, 2016

Skin, the 5th edition of Visible White Photo Prize 2016, is an open call for photographic works open to all photographers, artists and creatives, regardless of age, sex, experience, occupation or geographic location.

Tactile and visual, the skin is a thin and sensitive layer of protection which is the physical and cultural diaphragm between the inside of the body and the outside world. The theme can be approached from different perspectives. Look at the skin to reflect on issues of identity, gender, class, ethnicity, race, ecology, politics, and technology, by addressing desire, trauma, ego, torture, submission, multi-sensoriality, self-injury, tattoos, the different contours of sexuality, nanotechnology, implants, disease, contamination and contagion.

Total of 5,000 € Prizes:
2,500 € for the Best Project
1,500 € for the Runner-up Project
1,000 € for the Best Single Work

More info:

Finalists will be chosen by the following international jury:
Irene Alison, independent curator and journalist, Italy
Krzysztof Candrowicz, Hamburg Triennale, Germany
Louise Clements, QUAD, UK
Erik Kessels, Useful Photography, The Netherlands
Anna-Alix Koffi, OFF the wall Magazine, France

The three winners will be chosen by Nicoletta Leonardi, a professor at Fine Arts Academy of Turin and Lucia Minunno, Italian curator and art historian, during the opening of the final exhibition the 14 May 2016 at FSM Gallery in Florence.

Entry fees online:
Single Work 20 €, for additional single works 15 €.
Project 70 €  (up to 10 single images), for additional projects 60 €.

Be part of Skin and enter your work directly from your page in Celeste Network:

Skin is a collaboration between Celeste Network and Fondazione Studio Marangoni.




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