deadline: Feb 8, 2016
fee to apply, free

The Shandaken Project at Storm King is a free, process-focused residency that takes place at Storm King Art Center, and is administrated by the Shandaken Project. Each resident is given a private bedroom and a private, 9-by-14-foot studio for 2, 4, or 6 weeks each. The studios do not have electricity: all corded tools must be used in or around the residency house.

The residency season is June 13 to October 3. It is open to cultural producers internationally (however please note that travel costs are not provided for).

We maintain a four-bedroom house where residents and a facilities manager are housed together; as well as three private studios, one for each resident. Although the house and studios are technically located on the grounds of Storm King Art Center, visitors to Storm King are permitted to access the residency only by special invitation of residents themselves.

Residencies are meant to facilitate experimentation, process, research, or production by providing space and time for residents to do as they wish—but we ask residents to bring or buy their own materials. Our past residents have included visual artists, writers, curators, activists, dancers, historians, and more: we believe that different practices rubbing up against one another can create a productive friction.

The Shandaken Project at Storm King has a unique interest in community-building. Although the house is private, your residency, if you are accepted, will be activated by different voices contributed by peers and friends of the program. Some will be invited to stay for an afternoon or overnight, and residents can choose to engage with these guests or not, as they desire.

Residents will also be offered unique opportunities to visit Storm King’s grounds, see its collection, and get to know its staff.


The house accommodates three residents and a facilities manager, with a private, temporary sleeping area for guests. That means that if accepted, you will be living with your fellow residents! The project provides a basic kitchen setup, food staples, a private studio, and utilities. Some basic tools, primarily hand tools and small power tools for woodworking, are also available. You may inquire for details about what is on offer if this will affect whether or not you apply. All utilities are centralized in the house: the studios do not have electricity.

There are pre-scheduled trips into nearby Newburgh so that residents without a means of transportation can purchase supplies.


There is a small a kitchen garden on the property, from which residents are invited to harvest as produce becomes available. Typically, the garden season begins in mid- to late-July. We encourage residents to participate in the cultivation of the garden, and help steward it for future “generations.” Residents are asked to cook for themselves (or, of course, in a group).

There is a $25 fee to apply. This covers the cost of our application software, administrative fees, and jury meetings. For those with special financial needs, hardship discounts are available. To apply for hardship discount of $15 off your application fee, please e-mail Stephen Kwok with a few lines about your circumstances. The deadline for inquiries regarding hardship discounts is end of day, Wednesday, February 3.

If you are chosen to participate, your residency will be completely free, however at present we are unable to offer travel reimbursement, nor offer any stipend.

Applications from international artists are welcome, however we cannot reimburse residents for travel costs.

The Shandaken Project at Storm King has only three bedrooms at its disposal at this time.

Applicants interested in attending the residency as a collaborative team should submit a single application, and include a few lines about whether you are interested in sharing a bedroom and studio, or need two separate bedrooms and studios, in the “Tell Us About Your Work” section.

Residents may be able to bring a partner or child to share their bedroom during their stay. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis upon acceptance: please notify us then.

The Shandaken Project at Storm King residencies are designed to honor experimentation and process as ends in and of themselves. So don’t be afraid to tell us about a goal whose outcome you’re unsure of. If you are a sculptor who’s always wanted to try painting, or a curator who’s always wanted to make art: don’t be afraid to say so. Remember also that the experience of place—the Storm King collection, the rich history of the Hudson Highlands region—is a part of the experience of the program. You may apply for a residency that lasts 2, 4, or 6 weeks, at your discretion.

Applications are due by 11:59pm EST on Monday, February 8. Please submit any questions or concerns by end of day, Wednesday, February 3rd. Late applications cannot be considered.

Applications will be juried by an anonymous panel of art professionals. Successful applicants will be notified in mid-March. We will do our best to offer time slots to successful applicants based on their preferences, but dates offered for residencies are nonnegotiable. Thanks for taking the time to apply. If you have any quick, specific questions about the application, please contact info@shandakenproject.org, but only if you really, truly, absolutely can’t puzzle it out yourself. We’re looking forward to learning more about your work, and hopefully meeting you at our information session.



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