deadline: January 16, 2015

For the first issue of Club Sandwich, we are seeking bold and contemporary visual contributions featuring eggs. This theme is to be understood quite literally and can be developed in any and every possible way, as long as an egg is somehow clearly shown. All mediums are welcome: photography, drawing, collage, screenshots, visual poetry, experimentations…

Club Sandwich is an independent biannual French magazine created by recent graduates. Each issue focuses on a particular food and its cultural and societal representation in various and eclectic fashions. Articles range from history, sociology and anthropology to economy, politics and art. The magazine is not an encyclopedia but, rather, an anthology of informative content infused with humor. Halfway between a magazine and a book, Club Sandwich shows the multifaceted aspects of its subject and envisions print as a media that needs time to be discovered. With its strong aesthetics, the visuals give rhythm to the publication transforming it into a kind of hybrid that is half journalism, half contemporary art.

Please send your work to submissions@clubsandwich-magazine.com before January 17th, 2016. Files should be in 300 dpi, and named as such: “NAME_FIRSTNAME_TITLE”

For questions please email us at contact@clubsandwich-magazine.com


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