deadline: Oct 15,2015

DARTS, the Digital Art Storytelling project is currently hosting digital art and creative writing competitions for young creatives.

Participants are invited to use their creativity and build a work around the story of some historic complexes in Europe – the Villa Rufolo in Ravello (Italy), the Alden Biesen Castle (Belgium), the Corvin Castle (Romania).

Three (3) winners, one for each historic building, will be announced in both competitions. A total of 3,000 Euro in prize money will be awarded amongst other prizes.

Each winner of the Digital Art Competition will be awarded with 500 Euro and the opportunity to stay as an artist in residence and have an atelier gratis for 2 weeks in an international environment.

Each winner of the Creative Writing Competition will also be awarded 500 Euro and will be published in a carefully designed printed project publication (book) containing the three stories + biography of the authors, a picture report of the winning digital art works and a short introduction to the historic places. Winning authors will also be invited as a guest at the International Storytelling Festival of Alden Biesen (BE).

The DARTS competitions are open to young people between 18 and 35 years old, of every nationality and sex.


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