Photo Contemporary is an art fair where galleries are focusing on contemporary and emerging photographers (post 1960) – the ones who are breaking the rules and challenging our definitions of the medium. Photo Contemporary is a satellite fair to Paris Photo Los Angeles, which is held across the street.

Photo Contemporary launches May 1-3, 2015, in the famous stages of Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California, and located next door to Paramount Studios, where the Paris Photo Los Angeles art fair will be located.

Photo Contemporary’s mission is to present the most current, daring, and relevant photography from galleries across the globe today. The annual showcase sets itself apart from other popular art fairs with its vast roster of young, contemporary artists and its intentional exclusion of the classic, vintage photography that follows an academic and traditional style seen regularly at fairs by our audiences. Photo Contemporary is an art fair where exhibiting galleries are focusing on emerging and seasoned contemporary artists (post 1960) – the ones who have and are breaking the rules and challenging our definitions of the medium.

Photo Contemporary is an annual fair providing galleries with the opportunity to present their collections to global decision makers — curators, collectors, editors and publishers — who seek to acquire, publish and commission the best works from today’s ground breaking photographers.

The world of photography will set its focus on Los Angeles May 1-3, 2015 for a weekend celebrating international photography and the most talented image-makers across various genres of the medium. Numerous high profile art fairs including Paris Photo Los Angeles and Photo Contemporary will launch their annual editions in Hollywood with additional special photography exhibitions throughout Los Angeles. The weekend promises to offer the enthusiastic art patron a plethora of opportunities to experience photography at its highest caliber.

Be part of Photo Contemporary, which runs concurrently with Paris Photo Los Angeles. We welcome you to participate in 2015. Applications are being accepted.

For more information including details on how to submit your application, we invite you to visit our website at http://photocontemporary.com

Begin your application online here.


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