Sculptuur Bredelar Biennale, calling all curators
Symposium 2015 and Biennale 2016
Apply before 18 January 2015
Submit paper before 28 February 2015

Sculptuur Bredelar
Dr. J. Damen
Managing director

About us and our mission:

Sculptuur Bredelar/Skulptur Bredelar is a multi-year project centred on Dutch and German sculpture. Every two years, we offer young, known and unknown, Dutch and German artists the opportunity to display their work at Kloster Bredelar (near Marsberg in Sauerland, Germany). During these Biennales, we purchase a sculpture, which is given on long-term loan to the convent, thus creating a growing contemporary sculpture park in Bredelar. A taster exhibition took place in the summer of 2014 (see website).

Who are we looking for?

Through our call for curators, we aim to find one Dutch and one German curator to help organise the Biennale 2016. Entry is open to all curators, artists, gallery managers or theorists who have a feel for the field of contemporary sculpture, can demonstrate the urgency of it and can explain their view to then eventually bring it to life in an exhibition.
Curators who wish to take part are asked to write a paper on the subject: ‘The need for contemporary sculpture in the Netherlands and Germany’. This should include two pictures of contemporary works of art which substantiate the view presented in it. It should be written in Dutch, German or English.

Symposium and accompanying exhibition (2015)

Three Dutch and three German entrants will be selected from all the entries received and invited to explain their paper at a symposium for a maximum of 20 minutes. The six papers and twelve pictures will be published in the Bredelar Sculptuur Papers series.
After these explanations, there will be a debate with a panel of sculpture experts and the audience in the room. Following the debate, an independent, expert jury will choose two curators (one from the Netherlands and one from Germany). They will be given the opportunity to organise an exhibition at Kloster Bredelar the following year.
The symposium will take one day and will be held in the Netherlands in June 2015. The language of the symposium is English.
Throughout the summer, sculptures from the selected papers will be exhibited in and around Kloster Bredelar where possible.

Biennale (2016)

The two selected curators will visit Kloster Bredelar together with the Sculptuur Bredelar project manager, Dr Jeroen Damen and head curator Dr Arie Hartog (Manager Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, Bremen). They will be allocated their budget and will write a concept for the Sculptuur Bredelar Biennale in 2016, with the German curator focusing on the Dutch situation and the Dutch curator on the German one.
The Biennale is organised under the supervision and responsibility of the head curator and project manager. A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition in which a renowned scientist will give his view on the entire process and cast judgement on the result.
One piece will be purchased from the exhibition and will be given on long-term loan to the convent.

Conditions for entry

1. Send your application before 18 January 2015 to: mail@sculptuur-bredelar.nl
2. Include a written motivation demonstrating your personal interest in and your expectations about the project
3. Write a paper (2,000 words maximum) on: ‘The need for contemporary sculpture in the Netherlands and Germany’. Include two pictures of contemporary works of art which substantiate your position. (Do take into account that we will want to exhibit these two works of art at Bredelar)
4. Include your CV plus detailed description of your relevant education, training and work experience
5. Attach two handwritten references in support of your application
6. Your paper needs to reach us before 28 February 2015 at the latest.



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