Artist Book Exhibition


Visual Kontakt is proud to announce an open call for its “Local Municipalities” exhibition. The event seeks to facilitate dialogue among artists located in peripheries around the world. This remarkable opportunity makes cross-cultural conversations possible at all levels for artists who are often situated at the margins of their economic and cultural centres.

The exhibition will consist of the production and circulation of 150 notebooks. Visual Kontakt will send each selected artist one notebook to complete and return for the exhibition. The general theme is the reflection of provincialism existing in the artist’s home country. The artist is free to select the technique and specific topic. Following the exhibition, Visual Kontakt will send each participant the notebook of a different artist.



Artists, curators, writers, illustrators, visual scholars and/or photographers worldwide, at any career-stage, may submit.



  • 21st October 2014 – 15th January 2015: Accepting submissions • 18th January 2015: Announcing the selected artists • 20th January 2015 – 20th February 2015: Visual Kontakt to send artists their notebooks • Artists will have until 31st April 2015 (postmark date) to return notebooks to the Visual Kontakt gallery (54 Albacului Street, Oradea, Romania) • The exhibition will take place in June 2015, at the Visual Kontakt Laboratory



Selected artists will receive a 40 page notebook, in A6 format, by mail. The participants are free to use any technique (painting, drawing, photography, collage, décollage, text, print… you name it!) but should use the notebooks as records of their experiences on the margins of their country/region.



Interested artists must submit a proposal containing the following:

  • Examples of previous works are welcome (maximum 8 images/documents). Please name your files as follows: imagenumber_lastname_title; e.g. 01_goldberg_untitled.jpg
    • A short text (maximum 250 words) explaining what you intend to do for the exhibition. We would like the topic of the proposed artwork to resonate well with our theme concerning economic and cultural peripheries.
  • A short CV or Bio (please limit it to 1⁄2 of an A4 page). • Contact details (including your name, website, e-mail and mailing address)

 The deadline for submissions is 15th January 2015, at midnight (Romanian time).


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