Organised by D&AD, the competition provides a chance to address a real life challenge for a top, international brand. Your ideas will be seen and judged by the representatives of the brand, along with a panel of top creatives from around the world, helping to give young creatives that much needed step on the career ladder.

Up to five people can work together and enter as a team. Students and non-students can work together too, but everyone on the team must be eligible to enter. If you’re a student you need a tutor to enter. If you’re not a student, you don’t need to have a tutor.

Entry fee is £20 (approx. 32 USD). For D&AD Members it’s £15 (approx. 24 USD).


Anyone worldwide of or between 18 and 23 years of age on 1 January 2015 can enter the New Blood Awards.

Open also to students and recent graduates of any age. Student entrants must be enrolled on a recognised full or part-time higher education level course, anywhere in the world, on 1 January 2015. To enter as a recent graduate, entrants need to have graduated from a recognised course on or after 1 January 2013.


The prizes to be awarded are as follows:

New Blood In Book: Name included in the D&AD Annual, a certificate, a year’s free membership of D&AD (not inclusive of free copy of the D&AD Annual), winning work featured on the D&AD website, the right to use the relevant D&AD New Blood Awards Pencil Mark.

New Blood Nomination: As In Book, plus eligibility to apply for a place on the New Blood Academy.

New Blood Yellow Pencil: As Nomination, plus New Blood Yellow Pencil trophy, winning work featured in the D&AD Annual.

New Blood Black Pencil: As Yellow Pencil, plus New Blood Black Pencil trophy, £2,000 cash prize (to be shared among all New Blood Black Pencil winners).

New Blood White Pencil: As Nomination, plus New Blood White Pencil trophy, winning work featured in the D&AD Annual.

Moreover, New Blood Nominees will be eligible to apply for a portion of a travel and accommodation fund of £15,000 (approx. 24,500 USD) for the attendance of at least a single representative from each team at the prize giving ceremony.



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