Deadline: November 30, 2014

Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair 2015
Flatbed Press
Austin, TX
February 13 – 14, 2015

The Flatbed Contemporary Print Fair, working in conjunction with PrintAustin, will provide a venue for printmakers and print publishers to showcase work to the public and give printmaking demonstrations. Printmakers, print publishers, and university print programs will be chosen to represent their work and programs through a print fair format. Scheduling and participation information will be provided to vendors upon acceptance.

Vendor and Application Fees

Application submission fee: $20 (Will be applied to the booth rental if accepted).

Individual tables with one or two printmakers: $200

Fee includes:

Single six-foot table with two chairs and table covering
Six-foot wall area behind the table for exhibition area
Two Exhibitor badges
Vendor listing with image in the Texas Printers Fair Guide
Vendor signage
50 postcards
Thumbnail of your work and link to your website on our “Participants” page
Fees also include: marketing, advertising, promotion, opening reception, signage, rental of tables and linens.

Sales: All transactions must be handled directly at Vendor’s booth.

Visit website to view prospectus: www.flatbedpress.com


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