Deadline for Submissions: December 1, 2014

The Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert (VASA) and Beverley Bunker Call for Submissions, 2015

“Women Portraying Women”

VASA, in cooperation with Beverley Bunker, is soliciting submissions for a visual art exhibition for June 2015 from professional and emerging artists in the Edmonton region of Alberta.

This is a group show to offer an opportunity for women figurative artists to showcase their expressions of women only experiencing everyday life, expressed as portraiture, female form (nude) studies, narratives, etc., in visual form.

VASA follows the concept of visual fine art as defined by the Canada Council for Arts that could include the following mediums: drawings, hand pulled prints, paintings in any medium, free standing or hanging sculpture in any medium, assemblage pieces, photography, and textiles. Selection of art work will be based solely on the submission.

The submission must include:

  • curriculum vitae
  • a short biography
  • artist’s statement for the proposed pieces
  • up to 3 images of representative pieces of art work
  • a list of the included images to be considered, including the year created, size, medium, and price.

Only female artists will be considered and all artwork must be of women. The concept of this show is, by it’s very nature, restrictive. It is not the usual policy of VASA to be restrictive, however, in this case the intent is to show how women perceive themselves.

VASA’s Main Space Gallery is unique; it is surrounded by artist’s studios that are open to visitors 5 days a week. The Gallery provides over 1100 square feet of display space that is very flexible in configuration. It can hold up to 20 large size paintings (~40″ wide), and up to 50 mixed size pieces. The largest we can hang is 6′ x 8′. VASA can handle sculptural pieces up to 6 ft high and 40 kg in weight.

Submissions will be evaluated by a jury selected by Beverley Bunker and VASA from the local arts community. Jury selections are final.

The show will run for approximately the month of June, 2015. VASA uses a variable commission structure.

Documents must be in Word format. Images must be in a .jpg format and attached to the submission email. For ease of use by VASA they must not be embedded in a document. Each image is not to exceed 1 Mb in size.

Submissions must be sent electronically to mb.constable@gmail.com.

Submissions that are accepted will be retained for up to 1 year after the show.

All pieces must be ready to display with hanging or support systems installed/provided.

The artist is responsible for delivery of all art pieces to VASA and for prompt pickup of all pieces as VASA does not have room for storage of art work.


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