deadline : Nov 1, 2014

The first LAND-SHAPE festival will take next summer during the first week of June in and aroud the village Hanstholm close to the northern Atlantic Sea. The festival will announce further about pupose, subscription etc further on. Keep an eye on our fabebook page to follow the project! www.facebook.com/landartnorthdenmark

We are creating a new and  a unique land art festival concept to make a attractive and meaningfull scene for artists and innovative people internationally. We want to link contemporary artistic interests and northern Jutlands regional potential. We want to engange land art artists in the process of working with local identity as related to both the place, history, cultural heritage and future potential. Our hope is to unfold land art wich takes part in the actual society, also as an exportable model for other regions that has to work with redefining their identity in the post industrial society.

As an artistic vehicle and giant playground for new ways of expression and investigation of matter and mind we want to provide the artist with North Jutlands physical matter in the form of: North Jutland materials, Manpower, equipment and machinery. A coupling with artistic and innovative thinking is done through a partnership where both artists and business and innovation, people must communicate clearly and reach out to each other in order to realize meaningful works.





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