Deadline: September 22nd, 2014

Eligibility: Artists enrolled in Undergraduate and Masters degree programs in the Arts

The word “academy” often elicits an antiquated institution: rigidly conservative and ossified in tradition, concerned with distinguishing the “fine arts” from “craft” or “trade.” While this notion may have been true for hundreds of years in the history of art, this exhibition seeks to revisit our perception of the academy. Here, the academy is understood as an institution that emphasizes creative and intellectual freedom. Through mentorship, critique, and theoretical debate, the New Academy fosters the individual and professional growth of artists. Thus the academy becomes a fluid concept, which engenders the idea of a heterogeneous and evolutionary “academic style” that varies depending on time, place, institution, teacher, and student.

The WAH Center presents “The New Academy: WAH Bridges Student Artists” – a multi-media group exhibition dedicated to presenting the work of students pursuing their undergraduate or Masters degrees in the arts. Based on the Bridge Concept envisioned by WAH Center Founder & Artistic Director, Yuko Nii, the aim is to create a bridge between the WAH Center’s historical landmark building and a new generation of outstanding young artists, as well as a bridge between academic styles, understood in this context as a temporal artistic style that describes the work of a student. Artists are encouraged to submit artworks in the medium of their choosing.

Website link for more detailed information, entry form and how to enter: http://wahcenter.net/exhibits/2014/newacademy/opencall.html

WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center), 135 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York


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