Deadline: October 31st, 2014

Residency Duration: 3 months for professional residency; 2 months for self-directed residency; 6 weeks for graduate residency.

Eligibility: The program opens to craft practitioners in the craft disciplines of ceramics, jewellery/metalwork, textiles and woodwork. See specific requirements for the three different categories.

Sturt Craft Centre invites applications from experienced craft practitioners to the Sturt Artist-in-Residence program.  Residencies occur in the craft disciplines of ceramics, jewellery/metalwork, textiles and woodwork. Four to six residencies occur at Sturt each year.

Sturt encourages small scale production and individually designed work which may be promoted through Sturt Gallery.

Each year professional residencies may be awarded specifically to develop a body of work which can be produced and made, at Sturt, during the Residency time.

Sturt sees the residency program as an important adjunct to its overall aim of providing support for Australian contemporary craft and design through a program of teaching, retail, exhibition and residencies. The emphasis of the residency program will be to support craftspeople and designer-makers who are sympathetic to this philosophy.

Three categories of residency are available:
• Professional Residency
• Self Directed Residency
• Graduate Residency

For more detailed information about the residencies: http://www.sturt.nsw.edu.au/get-involved/artist-in-residence

About: Sturt was established in 1941 and is Australia’s oldest craft centre.  Sturt is a centre of excellence for the promotion & teaching of Australian contemporary craft and design.  Situated just one hour south of Sydney, Australia.


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