Deadline: September 5th, 2014

From their call:  The Urbana Public Arts Program in Urbana, Illinois is seeking artists to display sculptures in our community. Selected sculptures will be installed in the community metro area.

The Public Arts Program will offer selected artists an honorarium in an amount not to exceed $2,000.00 for the temporary lease of the artwork, transportation to and from the installation site, food & lodging, and artist fees for on-site availability during installation and de-installation. If multiple pieces are selected from one artist an honorarium will be awarded for each piece.

The Public Arts Program will provide logistical and staff support, site design parameters, and incur the costs associated with site preparation and promotional events and materials. This opportunity is open to all professional visual artists, aged 18 and older, with public art experience. There are no mandated themes for the artwork, however, for this call, interactive sculptures will be given special consideration. An important aspect of locating the artwork in a downtown metro area is to provide an identity for a cultural arts district. We encourage the entry of pieces with an exciting, vibrant, and energetic nature. Submissions must be existing, completed works and available for delivery during the fall of 2014.

Website link for more detailed information: http://urbanaillinois.us/posts/2014/07/call-sculpture-urbana


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