he CIRVA is a contemporary art centre located in Marseilles, France.
It is dedicated to research, development and production, and is equipped with an impressive range of glass working equipment, allowing the creation of one-off pieces and prototypes.
Established in 1983, the centre welcomes artists and designers who wish to use glass in innovative projects.

Through this residency, the CIRVA aims to further develop its mission as a centre of art and production dedicated to international contemporary creation, whilst supporting artists in all stages of their work, from research to exhibition.

♦ The CIRVA offers a research and production residency to a visual artist or a designer  on the basis of a project outlined in a written proposal.
The selection will be based on the following elements (which must be supplied only in digital format):
– A file on the artist’s work, containing pictures of works and/or exhibitions, with an accompanying statement.
– A proposal for a project primarily based on glass, but which could also include other elements or materials.
NB: Both these documents will be taken into consideration for the selection process.

♦ Technical team
In order to carry out his/her research and production, the artist will work with team of four glassmakers, as well as a workshop coordinator.

Additional information about the residency
– During the residency, the artist may be called upon to meet students from art or design schools, in the context of workshops.
– The artist may be requested to present his/her work in meetings organised by the CIRVA (details to be agreed).

– The length of the residency will be determined by the project itself, and by any issues relating to the research phases.
– The residency will be split into several stays, according to the project and the workshop schedule.
– Accommodation: a private studio apartment on the site of the CIRVA is at the artist’s disposal.
– Glass production expenses paid by the CIRVA.
– Travelling costs (round trips from home) paid by the CIRVA for each period of residence, on presentation of invoices.
– Food expenses to be paid by the artist.

Project registration deadline: October 31st, 2014
Note: send your application BY EMAIL ONLY to residence@cirva.fr
Periods of residency to be determined with the selected artist, starting in march 2015.
For further information, please email contact@cirva.fr


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